Digitalisation and Monitoring  


In addition to the digitalization of business processes in administration, the focus is also on digitalization of plant production as well as site processes. Digital work processes assist in the quick and effective processing of all types of projects to save time, reduce cost and ensure that quality is achieved. The addition of digital services and products to the product range and the improvement of pro-ducts through digital methods and technologies are also being driven forward. Digitalization of the delivery chain is another component, as well as securing all digital activities with a relevant IT infrastructure and data protection.

Bauer Construction Process (BCP)

The system facilitates coordinated processes, collaboration as a team, and effective operation. All project participants are kept up to date, all work is synchronized and completed on time.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

The goal of BIM is to visualize the entire life cycle of a building at all times, from design to construction and maintenance measures at a later stage. Bauer uses the model in the execution phase and adds information for the subsequent operation of the building to the model.


b-project – the Bauer data management software

The effort for capturing, linking, and evaluating different data can be reduced with b-project. In this way, you can make reliable and quick decisions on possible optimizations.

The b-project data management software comprises various applications. At the beginning of the construction project, design data from the construction office is recorded digitally and transferred directly to the site. Machine production data generated during the construction works is read into b-project, analyzed, and also made available to the site manager as prefilled reports. In addition, sample lists and technical progress reports are automatically derived from the data. And digital machine data generated by drilling equipment form the basis for the production reports created in b-project.

The automated feedback of the actual production data into the quality documentation and performance reporting forms the central interface of the system. The target data from the planning phase can be linked directly with the data from the actual construction and then analyzed, using b-project. Automating this process significantly reduces the documentation and testing effort and supports a standardized, automated, and effective site optimization process for the project. In addition, the software can be used to view various visualizations, including via dash-boards, as well as an overview of the current status of the work.

By providing analyses for process control, process optimization, and accounting through b-project, virtually the entire site process can be digitally recorded and visualized.