The successful completion of our work as a contribution to customer satisfaction is based on our leading knowledge of digitalization in civil engineering, the  ISO 9001 standard, and the associated standards and norms. Likewise, our quality management is based on a project-specific quality management plan, to ensure the agreed quality of our work. Supporting this quality assurance are our digitization tools and monitoring capabilities, all aimed at improving our services. A carefully planned, certified and implemented HSE management system accompanies the planning and production processes. Our responsibility contributes to durable projects and includes, on a project basis, our contribution to sustainability in construction.


Digitalisation and Monitoring 

Goal: All digitalization efforts and innovations are intended to improve our services and products by simplifying the daily work of all employees and promoting a partnership-based colla­bo­ration with our customer / client. To attain this goal and under the guiding principle of “Bauer digital”, the BAU-ER Group follows a holistic approach covering all aspects of project manage­ment. Project-specific digital monitoring, during exe­cution of the required work and after implementation, is an im­portant element in digital construction to achieve and secure productivity and quality results.

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Quality Management

“Verified quality is our most effectual product. It is the key to success, today and tomorrow.”

Construction Quality Control (CQC) System Commitment Bauer is committed to delivering high quality products for all our pro­jects. For each project, we implement a project-specific Con­struction Quality Control (CQC) system aimed at ensuring a consistently high standard of quality throughout all phases of  work. Our CQC system, which is de-signed to control and verify the work performed, is based on the following fundamental quality principles, among others.

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Safety based on sound foundations

Our health safety and environmental (HSE) management systems is founded upon the ISO 45001 requirements and sets out in detail our plan and concept for managing project specific HSE measures in the international construction world.

This methodology of HSE management across the BAUER subsidiaries provides continuity of best practice and delivers to the project a wealth of experience from lessons learned.


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In line with the international approach of various industries, Bauer contributes to achieving the “17 Sustainability Goals“, presented by the United Nations in its AGENDA 2030 with a selection of technologies and construction methods with minimal environmental impact and carbon footprint.   




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