Sustainable Construction


At Bauer, product sustainability is implemented in the design phase, continues in the execution phase and culminates in long-lasting products of the best possible quality with low maintenance requirements. Real added value is achieved in the activation of geothermal energy by installing suitable elements in walls and foundations. The digitalization of project construction sites, e.g., to optimize the construction process, and the development of electrified equipment further support the goal.


The selection of processes and materials in the planning phase are two important aspects to pave the way to product sustainability. Bauer has already proven with various DSM processes that the number of transports to and from the construction site can be significantly reduced. A reduction factor of well over 80% is achievable.

The use of the EFFC/DFI carbon calculator to compare the product carbon footprint of a retaining wall, constructed with standard diaphragm wall technology, according to EN 1538 with Mixed-in-Place (MIP) technology is described in more detail by Hursit Ibuk in the paper ´Dry excavation pits installed with smaller carbon footprint by soil mixing, Deep Mixing Conference, DFI, Gdansk, Poland, 2020/2021´.

Bauer has been executing permanent MIP walls as barrier walls in dikes for decades and recently also in dams with suitable geology.