2019- Mixed-in-Place wall, Hungary 



Alsóörs Construction of Mixed-In-Place wall around Jóléti-tó on Alsóörs. Alsóörs is located on the shore of Lake Balaton. Due to the increasing tourism, PELSO Camping Kft. decided to build apartments. As a natural eye candy, the apartments were built around an artificial lake.


As protection for the lake, Bauer made a watertight Mixed-in-Place wall. The wall is at different depths between 7,4 and 8,4 m. Main contractor: PELSO Camping Kft.




Client: Hungarian Government


Scope of Works: 3800 m² Mixed-In-Place wall, thickness 55 cm, max. depth 8,40 m with a total length of approx. 437 m.


Construction period: August – September 2019 ;