Bentonite Cement Cut-off Wall, San Vicente Dam, Ecuador

The construction of the Bentonite Cement cut-off wall is a part of the remedial works ongoing in the spillway of San Vicente Dam.

The works included construction cofferdam on the upstream side of the spillway. The cut-off wall was executed crossing the cofferdam. It is foreseen injection of cement grout into the foundation of the spillway to close severe water washout caused due to an earthquake and heavy waterfalls during  one “El niño” phenomena.

The constructed cut-off wall was imbedded to the sides in the impermeable nucleus of the original embankment dam and to the bottom in a grey shale layer, found average 14 m deep from the working platform.

  • Execution of 2,288 m3 of single phase bentonite cement cut-off wall
  • Excavation of 83 single bite panels up to a maximum depth of 19 m and average 14 m deep