Durable Embankment Dam Rehabilitation by Concrete Cut-off Walls installed by Hydro Cutters – a safe and economical approach for a durable solution                                 


Deep Cut-off Walls constructed under Dams with Trench Cutters                                                                                                                                                             


Bagatelle Dam, Mauritius:
A permanent concrete cut-off wall for the Bagatelle Dam, Mauritius - Challenges and Lessons Learned

    Punatsangchhu, Bhutan:
Kingdom of Bhutan – Special Foundation Works for Dam Project in An Unknown Country

Sylvenstein Reservoir, Germany:
Cut-off Wall for the Strengthening of the Sylvenstein Reservoir


Hinze Dam, Australia:
Construction of the Plastic Concrete Cut-off Wall at Hinze Dam


Peribonka Dam, Canada:
A dam made possible by most modern ground engineering techniques


New Naga Hammadi Barrage and Power Plant, Egypt:
A unique way to enable construction of a power plant in the river Nile


Dhauliganga Hydroelectric Project, India:
The first cut-off wall in the Indian Himalayas for the dam of the Dhauliganga Hydroelectric Project

    Diavik, Canada:
Cut-off Walls for Diamond Mining in the Arctic 

Sylvenstein Reservoir, Germany:
Retrofitting Sylvenstein dam with a cut-off wall and control gallery