Quality Management

“Verified Quality is our most successful product. It is the key to success, today and tomorrow.”

Construction Quality Control (CQC) System Commitment

Bauer is committed to deliver high quality products for all our projects. For each project we implement a project specific Construction Quality Control (CQC) System which aims to ensure a consistent, high quality standard of workmanship throughout all phases of the works. Our CQC System intended to control and verify the works executed, is based on, amongst others, the following core fundamental quality principles:

1.    Ensuring the highest quality of works by establishing, monitoring, maintaining and
       updating quality control procedures. This is achieved by providing written instructions 
       to govern quality control procedures and practices to clearly establish defined 
       responsibilities and authorities early in the project to ensure quality compliance;

2.    Compile accurate records of test results, certifications and other required
       documentation which conform to the project specific contractual requirements and

3.    Notifying the client‘s representative of deficiencies in quality and proposed corrective
       action, and ensuring that agreed corrective action is properly implemented;

4.    Providing qualified individuals who will be responsible for the management and
       implementation of an agreed CQC program; and

5.    Providing high quality workmanship and project administration by implementing
       agreed transparent documentation procedures.

Quality is the basis for the BAUER Group’s worldwide success and therefore it is part of the key-focuses of the company.

The confidence in the quality of our products, services and equipment gained throughout many years will be preserved and expanded to its optimum.

Quality Management System
ISO 9001:2008

Bauer ultrasonic device

Visualization of concrete cut-off walls


Our quality management system is based on ISO 9001 and the relevant legal and industrial norms.

All relevant processes of our company are methodically analyzed and documented. The processes are aimed at increasing the product quality for the continuous improvement process and thus help to improve the customers’ and employees’ satisfaction levels.

We use key figures to regularly check if the planned quality objectives have been achieved. Deviations are analyzed and rectified in due time.


Quality Strategy for Cut-off Walls

  • Proper continuity of the entire wall
  • Integrity of the cut-off wall concrete material placed
  • Proper embedment of the wall into the defined strata


Quality Control Areas for Cut-off Walls

  • Trench stability
  • Slurry mixing and recycling
  • Monitoring of supporting slurry
  • Monitoring abnormalities, soil conditions and wear & tear
  • Panel verticality and overcut verification
  • As-built visualization
  • Proper concrete mix design with quality products
  • Concrete batching and testing
  • Production analysis
  • In-time documentation

Bauer Trench Cutter steering

Bauer Trench Cutter operator control screen

Bauer concrete lab testing